Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March On Washington Impact

I believe The March On Washington impacted many people but the ones who got impacted the most were the ones who were messing around and being rude to the African American people. After the speech given by the "King" people started to realize it does not matter what color you are it matters if you can get along with one and other.  People started the get their heads out of the water and started letting people of a different race work with them, but not all people wanted to treat the African American people the correct way. Not very many people do know this but did you know that Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King Jr. were good friends?
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  1. Great Job Dinger2, I like how you gave information on what happened to the white people after King's speech. I did not know Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King,Jr were friends. I also think you should be more clear on how the March on Washington had such an impact on people.