Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Global Issue I Want To Fix Is.....

       The Global Issue that I really want to fix and is a very big problem in the world and that is how much energy the world is using and the reason the energy is being used so fast is because the world's population is growing every second. If you want to see how fast the population is growing use Population Clock .
If the world keeps using up all the fossil fuels ( oil, natural gas, and coal) at the rate it is right now oil would run out in the year 2051 and gas would run out in the year of 2061 and the natural gas would run out in the year 3000. To see when the fossil fuels will run out use Fossil Fuels Rate. The world needs to use more renewable energy like Solar Power, Wind Power, Biomas, and Hydro Power. The ratio of renewable energy to nonrenewable energy is 7:93 which means only 7% of the world is using renewable energy and the other 93% of the world is using nonrenewable energy. The only problem with using solar panels is that if you only have solar panels is at night you won't be able to watch TV or use power and they cost so much money they cost around 25,000 to 35,000 dollars and another bad thing about them is your energy cannot be stored so if you have 3 straight weeks of sunshine but then one day is super cloudy and dark you won't have much energy because you cannot store energy in the panel. To help the world you can roll up your windows or close them when the Air Conditioning is on or you can not have your Air Conditioning on so high. Those are some ways to help the world without having to use money.      
                                                                           By:Universe Odyssey